Your identity remains anonymous

If you use the mailtemp your identity remains anonymous.

The World Wild Web grows day by day. As a result of this growth, not only good people but also malicious people exist in the environment. On the other hand, people register on many websites every day for a number of reasons. As a result of this situation, if you come across a malicious site, they can access your e-mail box and see your other e-mails as well. In addition to that, since the e-mail services are integrated with the phones nowadays, they access your contacts and the files you have backed up.

The temporary e-mail address that you will receive free of charge on also helps to protect your identity. With these e-mail addresses, you keep your identity anonymous and it becomes difficult to be found in a virtual environment. In this way, you can use temporary e-mail addresses without any problem, without risking your identity.



Beware of Fraudsters

Not only bona fide people use the temporary e-mail service. In the news, on television or on the Internet, we see news of scam every day. Some of these scams are made using Bank names. Those who introduce the extension of the bank name to theirs as temporary mail, try to defraud people who use real e-mail addresses by contacting them from their temporary e-mail address. In such cases, it is absolutely necessary to be careful. free temporary e-mail service does not allow such names. It only allows you to receive e-mails with extensions that have been determined. Getting e-mail addresses with the names of brands from other mail services may constitute a crime. That’s why allows extensions within its own structure and only allows you to use them.

With the disposable temporary e-mail service, you can be safer on the Internet. You do not receive spams, you can easily use the temporary e-mail service on websites you cannot trust. Due to the increasing demand recently, is a completely free service. You can create your temporary e-mail address in seconds and browse the internet safely.